GadgetsDukaan™ is one of the renowned & largest sellers of electronic products, located in the heart of Mumbai and was found in the year 2011. It's know for it's initiative, innovation, originality, competitive price, excellent customer service, vast knowledge and experience.

GadgetsDukaan™ deals in brand new Laptops, LED TV's, High-End home theatre systems, Air conditioners, Mobile phones, Tablets, Printers and various Computer Peripherals. We have a wide range of electronic product from very famous brands like Apple, Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Samsung, Canon, Marantz, Pioneer, Morel, Boston, Taga Harmony, Mitsubishi, Daikin, O'General. 

We have over 1Million registered members because of our competitive price, quality product & services. Our business philosophy is to provide consumers with exactly what they want. We focus on improving our world class service by putting our customers and their needs first. 


Our Products:

We offer our customers with world class quality products. Our list of product categories and product offerings are expanding day to day. Our customers know they're getting the best prices and exclusive offers on a huge range of electronic products.

Due to our great relationships with all the major vendors, our customers will always find special deals and prices on all our products. And to help our customers choose the right products, we make it easy for them to find availability, pricing, and all the required details.


Our Services: 

GadgetsDukaan™ is a company that strongly believes in customer satisfaction and a long-term relationship with it's valued customers. We are always available to guide, support, and serve our customers, this builds a trust factor and helps us to have a strong bonding with our customers. We are committed to our customers and we adhere to our commitments before and after selling. 

Our focus has always been on helping customers save their time and money. This is why we’ve invested in building a website that allows them to securely manage their accounts without any intervention. It's the empowering, 24/7 self-service approach that ensures we keep our customers satisfied and our competitive price.


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