1) How do you ensure lowest prices?

The huge discount in the prices, as compared to the market price of the products, is primarily owing to the fact that, we have a direct account with almost all the leading brands (manufacturers) and their distributors.
 This helps GadgetsDukaan™ to cut channel margin at various levels of distribution resulting in significant cost reductions.


2) What can I do if the product I want is currently unavailable?

In such case, you can contact our customer support team to know if we can arrange the same for you. 


3) What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the following methods of payments



(Bank Interest applicable))





4) What do I do if I want to pay by a different method?

We provide 7 payment methods for our customer but if your payment method is not there in the list then you can contact our customer support team or you can also email us describing your problem and the payment method you want to choose. 


5) How do I know if my order has been accepted?

As soon as your order is accepted you will get a confirmation email form us.

6) How do I keep track of my order?

You can check the Track your order section. You are welcome to discuss your order by email or phone but kindly check the status updated on the website.


7) What if one of the items I have ordered is out of stock?

In such case, you will get a request for time extension via email & if you deny the request then you will be refunded with the full payment.


8) How do I contact Customer Services?

You can simply click on contact us tab or you may also contact us on the number and email id given on the company contact details section.


9) Can I order offline?

Yes, you can order offline but to do that you have to contact our customer support team.


10) I want to avoid delivery charges as I live nearby your office?

In order to avoid delivery charges you can visit our office & pick up your product, but before you visit do contact us and check the availability of the product.

11) What information does GadgetsDukaan™ collect from you?

In order to provide you with exclusive products, GadgetsDukaan™ collects information about the visitor's name and billing address so that you don’t have to sign up again and again for future deals. With this information, we get to know your shipping address and we can contact you for any unavailability in color/stock.


12) Does the products also covered in your 7-days money back guarantee?  

Yes! Your purchase is covered by our 7-days money back guarantee.


13) What is GadgetsDukaan warranty? And how does it work?

Gadgetsdukaan™ provides 1 year seller warranty. Our warranty is only applicable to manufacturing defects and not on accidental damage, water spill or electrical surge. Your warranty validity starts from the purchase date as mentioned in the purchase bill.



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